Before you start using Libacura for day-to-day tasks there are a few settings that you should configure.

Configuring Libacura for your club/school

Once you have your staff account set up, log in to Libacura (at and bring up the Settings menu, by clicking Settings towards the top right. Visit each screen in turn and change things to suit your club. Read on for some additional notes on some sections.


Please complete the Contact details section. This is included on invoices and other correspondence that Libacura may send to parent on your behalf. In particular, the email address will be used as the “Reply-To” address for any emails Libacura sends on your behalf, and for any support requests/queries that parents send you (if enabled), so it is important that you enter a valid email address for a mailbox that someone will read regularly.


Please complete the Booking conditions section with your club’s terms and conditions for booking. These are displayed to parents on various screens, and parents are required to agree to them (with a checkbox) when they make a booking.


In the Payment notes section, please add some text describing how parents can pay for their fees (booking fees, registration fees, etc.)

For example, if you allow parents to pay by cheque, include information about how cheques should be made out. If you allow BACS payments include your bank account and sort code, and we advise that you ask parents to include their Libacura account reference number as the payment description, to assist you when reconciling payments with Libacura accounts. If you allow voucher payments, you could use this section to state which voucher schemes you support and how parents should arrange for the voucher payments to be made to you.

If you opt in to the integrated payments system built into Libacura (navigate to the Payments screen to set it up), you don’t need to put anything here, but you may like to add information about other payment methods parents can use.

Club classes

On this screen there is a section for each type of club, e.g. breakfast club, after-school club. In each section are a number of settings you should configure according to your club/school structure. In particular, the “Parent booking rule” setting determines time constraints on when parents are allowed to book, and the “Booking fees due” setting enables Libacura to keep track of accounts where payments are overdue (see Reports ‣ Account balances).

Parent registration

Here you specify whether new as-yet-unregistered parents can register (set up an account and register their details and the details of their children) on-line through Libacura, or whether they have to register directly through you (in which case you will be responsible for setting up their Libacura account).

Some clubs like to give full control to parents to register directly and make bookings themselves, and other clubs choose to keep more control by having staff initially register the family, and then optionally inviting the parents to set up an login with Libacura, or maybe not exposing Libacura to parents at all, but only using it among staff. Either approach is fine – it’s your choice.


Many clubs require parents to explicitly give permission/consent to the club for various things, such as the use of sun cream on their children, or to take/use photos of their children on various activities. On this screen you can add, remove, and edit the consents in Libacura to match your club. These permissions are displayed on printable registration forms generated by Libacura, and parents who log in are required to complete them (specify either Yes or No in each case).


Parents are NOT required to give consent – they have a choice. If you have specific rules that parents MUST agree to (for example, they must pick up their children on time) include them in the “Booking conditions” (on the Booking screen).


On this screen you can optionally add records for the staff at your organization. For each staff record created you can optionally enable that staff member to log in to Libacura (in which case they have the same access to all the information – personal records, booking details, and so on – as you do).

You can also specify that a staff member is a “key person”. The only significance of this in Libacura is that you can optionally connect each child with a key person, for your records.

Child registration details

You can customize what information is collected, held and reported for your registered children. Please see Child registration details in the Topic Guides section of this manual for more information.