FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Here we provide answers to questions commonly asked by club staff trying to decide whether to use Libacura, or staff who are new to using Libacura, perhaps having just explored the Libacura demo or tried the Free trial.

What does Libacura do?

Here are some of the features of Libacura:

Staff can:

  • Keep track of registration information for children (name, date of birth, health-related information, permissions, …) and accounts (invoicing and contact information, primary carer details, …).
  • Keep track of bookings in various types of club.
  • Print daily registers and other reports of daily activity.
  • Generate account statements for all (or a subset of) parent accounts and send them to parents by email, or allow you to download documents for printing and posting to parents.
  • Send email or prepare letters for printing and posting to parents, including booking summaries or other documents.
  • Record payments received (by any means, cash, cheque, vouchers, …).
  • Keep track of account balances, identify accounts in arrears.

You can decide whether you want to allow parents to use Libacura on-line. For about half our schools/clubs, only the staff use Libacura. For the other half, the staff have configured Libacura so that parents can use it directly.

By default, parents cannot use Libacura. If you enable the parent features, parents can:

  • Register their children with your club by completing the on-line form.
  • Make bookings for their children, and review existing bookings.
  • Make payments on-line through Libacura through our integration with GoCardless (gocardless.co.uk).
  • Keep their registration details, contact information etc. up to date.
  • Contact you through Libacura, by email.

How do we get our data into Libacura in the first place?

If you have membership data in a spreadsheet, database, or other electronic format, we can usually import it in to Libacura for you at no cost. We can even do this during your 1-month free trial period. Please drop us an email to discuss the details.

Note, please never send personal data to us (such as names, addresses) using normal email, as email is not secure.

Is there a contract period if we want to use Libacura?

No. If you pay by monthly standing order (which is our preferred method of payment, to keep costs low) you can cancel any time.

What happens to all our information if we cancel our account?

We’ll be sad if you don’t want to use Libacura any more, but if you do decide Libacura’s not for you, just let us know.

First, if you want, we’ll help you export your data from Libacura using the “Reports” feature – for example you can retrieve membership data in the form of a spreadsheet.

Then, when you’re ready, we’ll securely erase all your information from Libacura.

Which web browsers does Libacura work with?

Whatever web browser you use, please keep it up-to-date. Web browsers are improving very quickly and you will have a better experience if you use an up-to-date browser. Even a one-year-old version of a web browser is likely to be slower, less secure, and may have problems.

Libacura works well with the following browsers:

  • Google Chrome, latest stable version
  • Mozilla Firefox version 3 or later
  • Microsoft Internet Explorer version 9 or later

Other modern browsers (for example Safari) should also work, but we don’t routinely test with them.

You can download the latest versions for free:

You need to ensure Javascript is enabled in your browser to get the best experience.


For Internet Explorer (IE), “Compatibility mode” must be turned OFF. (Compatibility mode is intended only for very old websites.)

You can do that by going to Internet Explorer’s “Tools” menu and ensuring there is NOT a tick next to “Compatibility mode”.

You may (also) need to select “Compatibility settings” and make sure that Libacura is NOT in the list of sites that use compatibility mode, so that next time you start IE it remembers not to use compatibility mode for Libacura.