Introduction to this manual

This manual is aimed at staff who work at after-school and holiday clubs that use (or are considering using) the Libacura after-school club administration system to administer their club.

Using this manual

If you are still deciding whether Libacura is right for your settings, the FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) section has answers to some questions that you might have.

If you are new to Libacura, we suggest you work through the First steps section in full to get a gentle introduction to how Libacura works, how to navigate around within Libacura.

The Topic guides section looks at selected features of Libacura in more depth, and may be useful if you’re familiar with the Libacura basics and looking to get more out of the system.

Finally, the Tour of main screens section acts as a reference guide to the main screens in Libacura. It could also be useful as a guide to navigating around within Libacura – it includes directions on getting to each screen.


This manual was last updated on 15 Jun 2020.