Make the most of your free trial

The Trial is a fully-functional version of Libacura; no features are disabled. You can use the free trial period to see whether Libacura will work well in your setting.

Our recommendations for getting the most from the Trial period:

  • Go through the First steps section of this manual. Try to set aside about an hour to give you time to go through the tutorial in one sitting. That will familiarise you with the key screens in Libacura and how to navigate among them.
  • At first, focus on the staff screens. If you are interested in Libacura’s support for parents registering and booking on-line then you should certainly try them out during the trial period; but we recommend first taking a little time to familiarise yourself with the system as a staff user, and to get the configuration settings right, before looking at the parent screens and/or inviting some parents to try it.
  • Create a small number of accounts (family records), maybe two or three. That’s enough for you to see how the main features of Libacura will work for you, without spending a lot of time inputting records.
  • Create club periods for the current term, and perhaps next term as well. Check the club class settings and the club period pricing tab. It’s unlikely that the initial pricing configuration in Libacura will be exactly right for your club. Raise a support request and provide information about your club fee structure. The support team at Libacura will be very happy to work with you to configure Libacura to match your setting. This aspect (club fee/booking structure) can take a little time and a few exchanges of email to get right, but it’s good to get it sorted up front.
  • Create some test bookings, and test payment records (ad hoc payments). Notice how Libacura keeps track of the account status, tracking booking fees and payments received in a transaction history.
  • Change a test booking and see how the changes are immediately reflected in the account.
  • Take a look at the Reports.
  • If you plan to allow parents to register and book on-line through Libacura, now is a good time to try the parent screens. You could either take the role of a parent yourself, or invite a small selection of your parents to try it out.

During your trial period, the support team at Libacura will be happy to answer any questions you have. Please raise a support request using the support function in Libacura, and you’ll receive a response by email, within one working day (and often much faster).


Please note, support for Libacura is by email only. We understand that some people would like on-site or phone support, but we are not able to offer that level of support at this time.